Rock Tumblers
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Rock tumbler videos, instructions, supplies, everything you need for polishing rocks!

Rock Tumblers and Parts
Thumler's Model MP-1 rock tumbler  Thumler's MP-1 Kit
A small, easy-to use rock tumbler for the beginner at a low price. All supplies needed to run one batch of rocks. Includes a jewelry kit.

Thumler's model A-R1 Rock Tumbler Thumler's A-R1 Kit:
Everything you need to start tumbling in this kit by Thumler's Tumblers. Runs a three-pound barrel.

Lortone model 3A tumbler Lortone 3A Tumbler
Quiet, easy-to-use, durable. An inexpensive start to rock tumbling. Tumbles about two pounds of rock.

Large Capacity Rock Tumblers
Model A-R12 Rock Tumbler 12-Pound Tumbler
If you are serious about tumbling or have access to lots of rough, the Thumler's A-R12 is a tumbler for you!

Model QT12 Rock Tumbler 12-Pound Tumbler
If you are serious about tumbling or have access to lots of rough, the Lortone QT12 is a tumbler for you!

Model B Rock Tumbler 15-Pound Tumbler
If you are serious about tumbling or have access to lots of rough the Thumler's Model B tumbler is for you!

Vibratory Tumblers - They are FAST!
Lot-O-Tumbler Vibratory Lot-O-Tumbler
Tumble a batch of stones in just 7 to 14 days! The Lot-O uses very little grit and produces an awesome polish on agate, jasper and many other rocks. Wow!

Thumler's vibratory tumbler Thumler's Vibratory
The Thumler's Ultra-Vibe is a large vibratory tumbler with a ten-pound bowl. We sell the industrail model needed to tumble rocks.

Replacement Barrels, Motors & Parts
Rock tumbler parts
Rock Tumbler Parts: We offer parts for Lortone, Thumler's, Tumble-Bee and Lot-O-Tumblers. For other brands and vintage tumblers please read this article.
Tumbling Supplies and Stones
Rock tumbler grit Rock Tumbler Grit
All of the grit you need for rock tumbling. Single use kits or by the pound. Save by purchasing a bulk grit kit.

Rock tumbler polish Rock Tumbler Polish
Rock polish and pre-polish in convenient resealable containers.

Tumbling media Tumbling Media
Two sizes of ceramic cylinder media and plastic pellets. These are used for cushioning, delivering grit and as filler.

Rock Tumbler Rough!
Rock tumbler rough
Tumbler Rough: We offer a variety of rocks already sized for use in your tumbler. Beginner's Mix, Mixed Jasper, Picture Jasper, Petrified Wood, Lake Superior, Brazilian Agate, Apache Tears and Bulk Rough.
New Roughs: Green Jasper and Brecciated Jasper.

Jewelry Kits
Jewelry Kits Jewelry Kits and Supplies
Make some gifts with your tumbled stones! We have keychain, tie-tack, necklace and bracelet kits.

Polished Stone Identification
Polished stone identification Identify Polished Stones
Picture identification guide for polished stones and tumbled rocks. Includes most of the stones in our mixtures

Tumble-Polished Stones
polished stones
Rocks and Tumbling Information
Tumble polished stones
Tumbled Stones: Our tumbled stone mixes contain some of the most colorful and highly polished stones that you will find anywhere.

Tumbling Articles and Resources
  Tumbling Instructions
  Polished Stone Identification
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  Tumbling FAQ
  Using Tumbling Media
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  Uses for Tumbled Stones

Rock Tumbling Book
Modern Rock Tumbling We highly recommend: Modern Rock Tumbling by Steve Hart. Learning is the fastest way to improve the quality of rocks that you tumble. In this book you will learn from an expert with extensive experience. You will increase your abilities, learn to save time, and have a great reference book that you will use again and again.

Gemstone Book
Gemstones of the World We highly recommend: Gemstones of the World (fifth edition) by Walter Schumann. One of the most popular gemstone books ever written, with over one million copies sold. It has about 100 pages of basic gemstone information and about 200 pages dedicated to photos and descriptions of over 100 gems and gem materials.