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Rockhound and Rock Collecting Tools

Rock Hammers

Pointed-Tip Rock Hammers

Pointed tip rock hammers
This hammer is used by geologists in areas underlain by igneous and metamorphic rocks. They call it a "hard rock hammer", "rock pick", "pick hammer", "prospector's hammer" pr "pointed-tip hammer". The pointed end is used for prying and for digging. The flat end is used for breaking rocks and chisel work. The 14 ounce hammer is for beginners and light hitters (11" long). The 22 ounce is standard size (13" long). Always wear eye protection when using a rock hammer. Carry this hammer in a sheath for safety!

14oz Rubber Grip
22oz Rubber Grip
22oz Leather Grip

Chisel-Tip Rock Hammers

Chisel tip rock hammers
The chisel-tip hammer is used by geologists working in areas of sedimentary rocks and sediments. It is called a "soft rock hammer", "Mason's hammer", "bricklayer's hammer" or "chisel-tip hammer". The chisel end is used for splitting sedimentary rocks such as shale, trimming rocks and digging. The flat end is used with chisels and for breaking rocks. Always wear eye-protection when using these tools. Carry this hammer in a sheath for safety! The 12 and 16 oz are 10.5" long, 20 and 24 oz are 11" long.

16oz $39.99
20oz $39.99
24oz $40.99

Hammer Sheaths

Hammer Sheaths

Chisel Tip Sheath (Leather): Fits the chisel-tip hammers sold above. Closes with a snap-button. The hammer end of the sheath is closed. The chisel end is open but completely covers the hammer. Pointed Tip Sheath (Nylon): Fits all of the pointed-tip hammers sold above. Closes with a snap-button. Highly recommended for safety. Both ends of the sheath are closed to keep the hammer head and pointed-tip covered.

Pointed Tip Hammer Sheath
Chisel Tip Hammer Sheath

Sledge Hammers - Crack Hammers

Chisel tip rock hammers
These heavy hammers are used for breaking rocks. The smaller ones are also used for heavy chisel work. They are called "crack hammers", "sledge hammers", "hand sledges" and "drilling hammers". They are produced in different sizes to suit people of different strength and different types of work. The short hammers are about 11" long. The long hammer is about 16" long. Always wear eye protection when using these tools.

2-pound $37.99
3-pound $37.99
4-pound $41.99
4-pound Long
Handle $48.99

Hardness Testing Kit / Hardness Picks

Hardness Testing Kit

Hardness kit
Materials of similar hardness should be tumbled together. Determine the hardness of your tumbling roughs by comparing them to the minerals in this kit. Contains the following minerals (hardness in parenthesis): talc (1), gypsum (2), calcite (3), fluorite (4), apatite (5), orthoclase (6), quartz (7), beryl (7.5-8), corundum (9).


Hardness Picks

Hardness picks in wooden case
Hardness picks in plastic field case

If you tumble roughs of different hardness together, the softer materials will abrade to small pieces before the harder materials have been smoothed. Use these convenient picks to determine the hardness of your tumbling roughs. Eight points provide comparisons for Mohs Hardnesses of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. Your choice of a wooden box or a plastic field case.

Wooden Case
Plastic Case

Hand Lens

Hand Lens

Hand lens
This is a 10x hand lens that folds to form a sturdy metal case. This protects the lense from breakage and scratches. It has a metal loop for attaching a lanyard or you can thread a cord through the case below the pivot hinge and tie a loop.


Eye Protection

Safety Goggles

Safety goggles
Don't use a rock hammer or chisel without eye protection! These goggles easily fit over most prescription glasses. They have a flat lens and vented soft sides that conform to your face. These provide a lot more protection than a standard pair of glasses.


Rock Chisels

Rock Chisels

Rock chisels
These tools are used for prying and breaking rock specimens, splitting rock layers or drilling holes. They are also used as wedges when breaking rocks. A common tool used by rock, mineral and fossil collectors.


3 pound hammer max

3 pound hammer max

3 pound hammer max

12 ounce hammer max

Gold Pans

Gold Panning Kits

Gold panning kits
Regular Kit Includes: 14" prospector pan, 10" backpacker pan, 14" classifier / sifter, gold guzzler bottle, 2 gold vials, tweezers and the How to Find Gold field guide by Charles Garrett and Roy Lagal.

Deluxe Kit Includes: 15" SuperSluice pan, 14" prospector pan, 10" backpacker pan, 14" classifier / sifter, gold guzzler bottle, 2 gold vials, tweezers, How to Find Gold field guide, Gold Panning is Easy and an instructional DVD.

Gold Panning Kit $29.99
Gold Panning Kit $49.99

Individual Gold Pans

Gold pans
Gold pans are a rockhound's best friend. In addition to panning gold they work great when prospecting stream sediments for agate, jasper and other gemstones. A 10 inch pan is great for kids and backpackers. The 14 inch has long gently sloping sides. The 15 inch pan has steeply sloping sides. All pans have smooth sides with sections of riffles to trap your gold. Put a shovel of sediment in the pan, hold it underwater and stir to get rid of the mud and sand. Place the classifier over a 5-gallon bucket to recover fines (7/16" exit holes measured on the diagonal) and wash loose sediment from large rocks - a lot of gold is found in mud attached to large rocks.

10-inch Gold Pan
14-inch Gold Pan
15-inch Gold Pan
14-inch Classifier