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Thumler's Ultra-Vibe Mini Bowl Tumbler

Small-capacity vibratory tumbler (4 pounds)

Thumler's model UV-10 Mini Bowl vibratory tumbler
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Thumler's UV Mini Bowl
(4-pound capacity)

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Vibratory Tumbler Grit Kit

Grit kit vibratory tumblers
Two pounds of 150/220 medium
grit, one pound of 500F grit, and
1/2 pound of #61 Rapid Polish.
Enough for many batches.
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Thumler's UV Mini Bowl Vibratory Rock Tumbler

--   A vibratory tumbler for small quantities of rock
--   Tumbles approximately 4 pounds of material (rocks
      plus media)
--   Heavy-duty polyethylene bowl is designed for rocks
--   Motor is 115 volts and thermally protected
--   Operates at 3000 vibrations per minute
--   Creates a cyclonic tumbling action in the bowl
--   Machine dimensions: 8.5" diameter x 10" high
--   Thumler's 90-Day Limited Warranty
--   Warranty begins on the date of purchase

This small-capacity vibratory tumbler is the most recent addition to the Thumler's Ultra-Vibe vibratory tumbler product line. The UV Mini Bowl will process approximately 4 pounds of material, including both rocks and media, at a time. This smaller capacity is great for people who prefer to run small batches or for experimenting to get the best results on a certain type of material.

If you currently run a small-capacity rotary tumbler, this machine will make a great addition to your tumbling equipment. You can run one or two batches through coarse grit in your rotary tumbler, and then quickly finish polishing the rocks with this small vibratory tumbler. Finishing the rocks in a vibratory tumbler will save you grit, electricity, and time!

We think that the UV Mini Bowl is the perfect companion for a Thumler's A-R2 rotary tumbler. After running the two 3-pound barrels of material through coarse grit, you should have about 3 pounds of material ready for medium grit. Place that rounded material into the UV Mini Bowl and add ceramic media to get the bowl up to operating capacity. Plastic pellets are not recommended for use in vibratory tumblers.

Maximum Size of Rough

Thumler's Mini Bowl vibratory bowl

The bowl on this Mini Bowl tumbler can handle pieces of rough that have one dimension measuring less than about 1 5/8 inches. If the piece of rough is more of an egg shape, the long axis can be up to about 2 1/2 inches. But again, the narrow part of the stone must be 1 5/8 inches or less to fit into the bowl. For best results, do not put more than 2 or 3 pieces of this size in the bowl at a time. The rest of the bowl should be filled with smaller rough material ranging in size from 3/8 inch up to about 1 inch. If you do not have smaller rough, you can use ceramic media to get the bowl to operating capacity.

UV Mini Bowl Tumbler Bowl Dimensions
Exterior Dimensions Height: 3 1/2 inches Diameter: 8 1/2 inches
Lid Dimensions Diameter: 5 1/2 inches Height (with foam): 3/4 inch
This bowl can process approximately 4 pounds of material.
Rough Size: One dimension of the rough must be less than 1 5/8 inches to fit into the bowl. The other dimension should not be more than 2 1/2 inches.

UV Mini Bowl Operation Basics

1) Load the bowl with approximately 4 pounds of material. The 4 pounds includes the weight of both the rough and media used.

2) Add grit. We use one level tablespoon of grit or polish for every two pounds of material.

3) Add water. A very important step. There is not a specific amount of water that you will add every time. The key is to add just enough water to get the grit to stick to the rocks and media. Here is how we do it... Turn the tumbler on before adding any water. Once it is running, add a little water at a time. We put in a tablespoon at a time to ensure we do not add too much. If you add too much water, it will pool at the bottom of the bowl, rinsing the grit off of the material. If you do not have enough water, the grit cannot stick to the material.

To help you maintain and get the best results possible with your tumbler, visit our Ultra-Vibe vibratory tumbler guide.