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Thumler's A-R1 Rock Tumbler Kit

Thumler's Tumbler Kit
Age Recommendation
For use by children ages 14 and up
with close adult supervision.

Find out why.

A-R1 Rock Tumbler Kit

MSRP $204.18
Our Price: $169.99

Tumbler and Supplies

AR-1 Refill Kit

MP-1 refill kit
With this kit you get all the rough rocks
and grit needed to tumble and polish
another batch of stones.

Only $32.99

Everything You Need For Tumbling!

Here's what you get in this A-R1 rock tumbler kit...

    - A high-quality tumbling machine.
    - A soft rubber barrel for quiet operation.
    - Three-pound barrel (tumbles about two pounds of rock).
    - A high-quality, thermally protected motor.
    - Durable steel base with quality powder-coat paint job.
    - A booklet: "Guide for Rock Polishers".
    - Enough grit and polish to process one batch of stones.
    - Enough rough rock to run one batch of stones.
    - A jewelry kit to make gifts from your tumbled stones.
    - Thumler's Tumbler Warranty.

Perfect for the beginner! A small, single-barrel tumbler is a great choice for your first tumbler or a tumbler that you are giving as a gift. They are inexpensive to purchase and have a low operating cost (the cost of grit, polish and rough rocks). This rock tumbler kit has everything you need to start tumbling right away.

You can buy this rock tumbler kit with confidence:

This is a hobbyist grade tumbler and a high-quality tumbler for a beginner. You can find less expensive machines on the market, but many of them are made from plastic and have a plastic barrel which will not last through more than a few loads of rock - and the rocks rolling in that plastic barrel will make a LOT of noise!

This machine has durable rollers and bearings that are made to last over years of frequent use. The motor is properly sized and thermally protected. If it overheats it will protect itself by shutting off automatically. The soft rubber barrel is thick enough to last a long time. If you use this tumbler a lot and a barrel, bearing, or belt wears out you can purchse replacement parts and fix it easily yourself. You can find answers to some of the most common questions we have received about this tumbler on our A-R1 Questions and Answers page.

What's in the jewelry findings and grit kit packages?

MP-1 jewelry findings
Pictured above are the jewelry findings that come with the tumbler kit. These findings allow you to make one pair of clip-on earrings, one keychain, one pendant necklace. You can always purchase additional jewelry finding kits here.

MP-1 grit pack
Tumbling rocks in a Thumler's A-R1 tumbler is a four-step process. This kit comes with each of the grits and polish pictured above. They are premeasured packages ready to be dumped into the barrel with the rough and tumbled according to instructions. Refill kits are always available here.

Optional Rock Tumbler Accessories:

A) Refill kits with all rough rock and grit needed to run the tumbler are available.

B) Most rock tumbler instructions tell you to tumble your rough rocks with coarse grit for seven days and then move on to fine grit. This will work. However, we often run the rocks a second week in coarse grit to make them more rounded in shape. We feel that the second week makes a big quality difference in our stones.

C) Many experienced people have a special barrel that they only use for the polishing step. This significantly reduces the chance that grit - embedded within the rubber barrel - will cause scratches on your stones during the polishing step. We always have an extra barrel for each of our tumblers and use that barrel exclusively for the polishing step.

A Rock Tumbler Story:

My father bought a Thumler's Tumbler in the 1960s and gave it to me as a Christmas gift. I still have it, it still works great, and it has run through hundreds of grinding and polishing steps. I kept it clean, oiled it regularly, replaced a few belts (a very easy job), replaced the barrels twice, replaced the motor twice, replaced the drive and idler shaft once. The service that I received from that tumbler convinced me that it was a durable machine that was made to last a long time. That tumbler is still in service. We use it to test some of the roughs that are sold on this website.

The Thumler's rotary tumblers sold on this website are almost identical to the tumblers that were sold 50 years ago. In fact, most of the replacement parts sold today still fit those original tumblers! Very few products persist so long in the marketplace without major changes. Many of our customers are using tumblers with their grandchildren that they received as a gift during their own childhood.

Hobart King, Owner