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Thumler's Tumblers and Lot-O-Tumblers

When Will They Be Available?




Thumler's Tumblers
You can see all of the Thumler's Tumblers that we sell, as well as their availability, on this page.


Supply Chain Issues

Supply chain issues are still hitting manufacturers in many parts of the world. Tumbler manufacturers are no exception.

Thumler's Tumblers and Belt Inc. (the manufacturer of the Lot-O-Tumbler) are both having trouble obtaining motors. Motor manufacturers are unable to keep up with their orders.

Status of Thumler's Vibratory Tumblers

We currently do not have any of the following Thumler's vibratory tumblers: If you go to the pages of this website where those tumblers are sold, you will see... "We don't know when this tumbler will be available." That is the truth. We are unable to provide additional information.

Thumler's is still producing their famous vibratory tumblers, but they are having trouble obtaining motors and some of the parts needed to build them. As soon as we have any information about out-of-stock tumblers, we post an estimated availability date on the pages of this website where those tumblers are sold. If you do not see an estimated available date, we do not know when they will be in stock. We are unable to provide any more information than that.

When we receive a shipment of Thumlers Tumblers, we immediately place "Add to Cart" buttons on our website. If you would like to be notified (by email) immediately after they arrive, please send an email message to and we will notify you right away. Be sure to tell us which models you are interested in because we usually only receive one or two models at a time.

We do not reserve tumblers, and we never take customer payments for merchandise that we do not have on hand. But, when we receive tumblers from Thumler's, we usually receive a large quantity. So, if you are on our email list and purchase promptly, you have a good chance of obtaining a tumbler.

Status of Thumler's Rotary Tumblers

We are lucky to have all of the Thumler's rotary tumblers that we sell in stock.

You have your choice of the Thumler's Model MP-1, Thumler's A-R1, Thumler's A-R2, Thumler's A-R12, and Thumler's Model B.

We sell the Lot-O-Tumbler Single and the Lot-O-Tumbler Twin. You can find information about them, their prices, and current availability on this page.

Status of Lot-O-Tumblers

Uncle Tom is still making Lot-O-Tumblers, and he sends us small shipments of his tumblers whenever they are available. We receive them often, but not on a regular schedule.

If you visit our website and the Lot-O-Tumbler that you are interested in is sold out, we are happy to notify you by email when we get a few of his tumblers. Please send an email message to , and be sure to tell us if you are interested in the Single or the Twin. We will notify you by email as soon as your preferred model can be purchased on this website.

Please know this: At this time, the demand for Lot-O-Tumblers is higher than the supply. At times there are many people on our email list. So, when we get a few tumblers in stock, we notify a few people. We don't want to notify more people than we believe can be supplied. Recently, the time between being added to the list and being notified that we have a tumbler has been a few weeks to a month.

Also: When we send emails that tumblers are available, we do not guarantee that you will be able to purchase a tumbler. It is possible that the small number of available tumblers will be gone if you don't get one promptly.

Finally: We do not reserve tumblers, and we never take customer payments for merchandise that we do not have on hand.

Thank you!