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Thumler's Model B Rock Tumbler

Thumler's Model b tumbler
Age Recommendation
This is a large-capacity tumbler
that should be used by adults.

Find out why.

Model B Tumbler

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Thumler's Model B Rock Tumbler

Low speed model for tumbling rocks.

The Model B rock tumbler is a large capacity tumbler that is great for a person who wants to tumble a lot of rough. If you have the luxury of collecting your own rough then this tumbler might be perfect for you. It has a 15-pound capacity barrel that when loaded 2/3 full will process about 10 pounds of rock quietly.

The barrel is constructed of a metal frame with a quarter inch thick rubber insert that will tumble the rock with minimal noise. While most Thumler's Tumblers have a plastic lid held in place by a retainer ring the Model B lid is a metal plate that fits over a thick rubber gasket. The lid is tightened down by six washers and wingnuts. The rubber gasket creates a watertight seal between the rubber insert and metal lid. The rubber seal also covers the inside of the lid to make the tumbler operate quietly.

This is the low speed Model B that is powered by a quality motor with overload protection that spins at 1550rpm. The metal base and barrel have been finished with a powder coat paint job that will resist rusting for a long time. This is a very high quality machine.

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