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Thumler's High-Speed Model B Brass Tumbler

Thumler's Model b brass tumbler

Model B Tumbler


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Walnut Shell Media

4 Pounds
Only $18.99

Thumler's Model B Brass Tumbler (High-Speed)

High-Speed Model for Cleaning Brass.

  • 15-pound capacity barrel
  • Holds 250 30-30 caliber cases
  • Works with corn cob, walnut shell, stainless steel media
  • Sturdy metal frame
  • Powder coat paint resists chipping and rusting
  • Metal barrel with thick rubber liner
  • Metal lid with rubber gasket
  • High-speed 3000 RPM motor
  • Thermally protected motor with sealed bearings
  • Heavy-duty motor will last for years
  • Inside dimensions: Height: 8 1/8 in - Diameter: 7 1/8 in
  • The tumbler used by many gun shops and experts
  • Use this tumbler for tumbling brass - this one for rocks
  • If you need replacement parts, we have them here
  • Thumler's One-Year Limited Warranty
  • Warranty begins on the date of purchase.

  • The high-speed Model B tumbler is a large capacity, heavy-duty, commercial grade tumbler that is a standard piece of equipment used by gun shops, reloading enthusiasts and handloading experts. It has a 15-pound capacity barrel that when loaded can process about 250 30-30 rounds or an equivalent amount of other caliber rounds in about 3-4 hours.

    The barrel is constructed of a metal frame with a quarter inch thick rubber insert that will clean and polish the brass with minimal noise. The Model B lid is a metal plate that is tightened down over a rubber gasket. The lid is tightened down by six washers and wing nuts. The rubber gasket creates a watertight seal between the rubber insert and metal lid. Having this watertight seal allows you to use water, soap and steel pin media to polish brass cartridges if you prefer that over corn cob or walnut shell media.

    This is the high-speed Model B that is powered by a quality motor with thermal protection. The metal base and barrel have been finished with a powder coat paint job that will resist rusting for a long time. This is a very high-quality machine.

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