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SuperMix Bulk Rough

A large bag of color - containing some of the most popular tumbling roughs of all time.
Bulk Mixed Rough
Photo of a typical bag of SuperMix Bulk Rough. It is super colorful, sized, and ready to tumble. Many different types of rough are included in the mix. The rough shown here was photographed wet to show full color.
$79.99 For
20 Pounds
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SuperMix Bulk Rough - Very Colorful!

Size: mostly 1/2 to 2 1/2 inch pieces

In our opinion, this is one of the great bargains on our website. You get a 20 pound bag of mixed tumbling rough for $79.99. In that bag you will find several materials that have been favorite tumbling roughs for the past fifty years - in pieces that range from 1/2 inch up to about 2 1/2 inches. 

Your bag of rough will contain a colorful mix that includes several different materials - similar to the photo above (photographed wet to show full color). Here is a list of some of the roughs that are typically found in a bag of this mix: banded amethyst, gold tiger eye, red jasper, picture jasper, green aventurine, rose quartz, sodalite, unakite, white quartz and more. Every bag is different and every bag has lots of diverse color.

The size of this rough ranges from about 1/2 inch up to about 2 1/2 inches in maximum dimension. Most of the pieces range from between 1 inch and 2 inches - just the right size to make nice tumbled stones. Rough of this size tumbles best in a six-pound or larger capacity barrel, but it can be successfully tumbled in barrels down to 3-pound capacity if you are patient, include small pieces (or media) in the barrel and are willing to run the coarse grit step at least twice. Big pieces of rough require extra time in the tumbler for shaping and smoothing.

When we tumble this mix we add 20% to 30% large ceramic media to the barrel. The ceramic cylinders get between the large pieces of rough. They deliver grit to the surface of the rough and act like roller-bearings to improve the tumbling action.

We add a little more coarse grit than normal and a little more water, then tumble for two weeks straight before opening the barrel for inspection. That should wear off the sharp edges and just begin sanding the surfaces. We then tumble for at least two more weeks in coarse grit to get nice rounded tumbles. Nice tumbles require time and patience. In our opinion, this rough is extra nice and is worth the wait.

After coarse grind we tumble one week in medium, one week in fine and one week in TXP polish - an aluminum oxide compound. When we change grit, we simply rinse the ceramic media with the rocks and add it back into the barrel for the next step.

The rough material in the photograph above was photographed wet to show full color.

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