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Energy from Minerals, Crystals and Stones?

mineral energy
I never believed that a stone could transmit "energy" to the person who wears it until a five-minute conversation with a gemstone dealer completely changed my mind and made me understand how it can happen!

Can you really get "energy" from a crystal?

Lots of people believe that they can obtain "energy" from minerals, crystals and stones. They believe that owning them, carrying them and especially wearing them can give you a boost of energy, make you more productive and help you enjoy life a little more.

When I first heard about this the needle of my mental BS meter shot swiftly up into the red zone. I didn't believe it. I thought that people who believe this stuff are extremely gullible. What Baloney!

Then a five minute discussion with a gemstone dealer changed my mind completely. Now I believe that it is absolutely true. But, my belief in this might be a little different than yours.

Eye Agate
A carnelian agate with several beautiful eyes from Botswana, Africa. This specimen is about 3/4" in length.

Skeptical about mineral energy...

As a scientist, I didn't believe that moonstone or amethyst or any other gemstone, mineral, crystal, or stone could impart any benefit to its owner. However, a few years ago my wife and I purchased a nice pair of gemstone earrings from a gem dealer at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. After our purchase I chatted with him and learned that he was a retired engineer. That's pretty close to being a scientist - which gave him credibility with me.

The "energy from stones" question had been bothering me for a long time. So, I decided ...Here is my chance to ask someone who knows a lot about gems and the people who buy them - and at the same time a person who has a technical background that might keep him from being fooled by "magical benefits."

His answer immediately changed my mind on this subject forever.

The power of owning and wearing a stone...

My question was... "Some people believe that gemstones can bring them spiritual power and energy. What is your view on that?"

His answer was something like this... "The stones themselves do nothing for you. However, if you purchase a nice gemstone necklace, owning it will bring you joy. You have the pleasure of owning a wonderful and beautiful object."

"When you put it on in the morning and see it around your neck in the mirror you will be happy. The necklace is beautiful and it makes you look nice. That helps you begin your day with a small mental lift that would not be present if you didn't wear the necklace."

"You wear it to work and someone compliments the necklace and their admiration of it delights you. Every small experience like this gives you a small lift. Your attitude and confidence brighten and together that gives you energy and improves your day."

The benefits are cumulative...

"The next time you wear that necklace you will remember these previous experiences and put it on with a smile and positive outlook. The positive benefits of these experiences are cumulative and grow over time. Each positive experience makes you like that necklace a little more, enjoy wearing it a little more and makes you wear it with a little more enthusiasm."

"The stones do very little themselves, but because you like them and they bring happiness you will go through your day with a little more energy. That is a really powerful benefit from something as tiny as a gem."

His answer changed my mind forever. I now realize the power of a nice piece of jewelry. Even if it only lifts your enthusiasm for the day by a percent or two, that can be a significant positive impact if you add it up over the many days that you wear it - and that can easily be worth the cost of the piece.

Do the stones have any healing properties?

That is an entirely different question.

We don't believe that any tumbled stones have any ability to heal, cure, or improve medical conditions.

We make no claims that the stones sold here have any healing or medical properties.

Some crystal shops sell the same types of stones that we sell and tell people that they can heal, cure, or improve medical conditions. We are not the source of those claims, and we completely reject them.

We think selling stones and telling people that they can cure or improve medical conditions is equivalent to practicing medicine without a license. We think it is a good way to be sued or get in trouble with the Federal Trade Commission.

If you have a health problem and are looking for assistance, we strongly recommend that you seek help from a licensed physician. Using tumbled stones as a treatment might only delay you from getting qualified medical care.

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