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Gemstone Vase Filler Ideas

Tumbled stones make an interesting and colorful vase filler that can be matched to your decor or theme.

roses with white quartz vase filler
A bouquet of pink roses in a 3.5" x 7" sweetheart vase decorated with a pink ribbon. The gem vase filler is about two pounds of snow white quartz.

What is Vase Filler?

Vase filler is a material placed in the bottom of a vase to support a floral arrangement. It can conceal the stems of your flowers, and add weight to the bottom of the vase to protect against tipping.

Gemstone vase fillers are very colorful and will make your arrangements unique and interesting. You will be surprised by how many people notice them and the conversations that they will start.

Gemstones are enduring. Even though fresh flowers might be temporary, the gemstones can be saved, remembered, and used in many future projects.

Here we share ten of our recent projects. Except where noted, all vase fillers are medium-sized (3/4" to 1") tumbled gemstones selected from our single-variety stones and tumbled stone mixtures.

In these projects we used artificial flowers and plants, so any type of stones could be used. When using live flowers and plants, it is best to use stones that will not react with acidic soils and waters. Tumbled stones from the quartz and feldspar families work best. Quartz stones include: agate, jasper, amethyst, citrine, chrysoprase, chalcedony and aventurine. Feldspar stones include: moonstone, unakite, amazonite and labradorite.
tulips with quartz and amethyst vase filler
You can match the vase filler to the color of your flowers. These lavender and yellow tulips are matched by lilac amethyst and yellow quartz in a 4" x 6" gathering vase. About 1/2 pound of yellow quartz and 1 pound of amethyst were used.

cosmetic brush holder
Keep your cosmetic brushes "at the ready". Select a nice clear container and fill it about three to four inches deep with your favorite tumbled stones (we used golden tiger's-eye). The handles of your brushes will easily slip into the smooth tumbled stones, and the weight of the stones will hold the brushes upright and ready for use. A container of stones can also be used to hold pens, dried flowers, or many other items. They look great on your desk or vanity.

candle with picasso stone vase filler
Vase filler works great with candles! Our cream-color pillar candle is placed in a 5" x 6" cylinder vase and surrounded by about 1 1/2 pounds of black, gray and brown Picasso Stone.

gerber daisy with citrine vase filler
A single Gerbera daisy and a blue butterfly in a 6" cylinder vase with about 1 1/2 pounds of citrine quartz gemstones.

Mason jar lamp with tumbled stone vase filler
A quart mason jar lamp filled with a little over three pounds of large-size Natural Mix.

peach blossom with mookaite vase filler
A stem of peach blossoms in a 5" x 8" cylinder vase supported by about 2 pounds of Mookaite.

cactus with chrysocolla vase filler
A potted cactus in a 5" x 4 1/2" cylinder vase surrounded by about 1 1/2 pounds of chrysocolla in quartz.

bud vase with blue lace agate vase filler
A rose and hydrangea bundle in a 5" bud vase supported by about 3/4 pound of blue lace agate.

succulent bowl with moonstone vase filler
A succulent bowl made by surrounding a pre-made succulent arrangement in an 8" bubble bowl with about 3 pounds of colored moonstone.

hydrangea with pink botswana vase filler
Three large hydrangea stems supported in a 3" x 4" x 8" rectangular vase with about two pounds of pink Botswana agate.

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