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Modern Rock Tumbling

Rock tumbling book
The only complete and up-to-date guide to tumble
polishing rocks and stones.

We have read every book about tumbling that we could find. From that reading we have found that there are only a few books that explain tumbling with great clarity and genuine knowledge. Of those, we believe that Steve Hart has produced the best one. It explains the tumbling process completely and provides enough detail that you should produce excellent results if you follow his instructions.

There are very few places where you can learn how to tumble polish rocks from an expert. Without that you will make a lot of mistakes and spend lots of time and money producing less than excellent results. If you are just getting started read this book and you will be off to a great start. If you know a lot you will probably still learn many valuable things. The price might seem a bit high for a 96-page book but we found it well worth the cost. Format: 9" x 6", paperback.

Only $24.95
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Table of Contents

  Part 1: The Basics

    Chapter 1: History of Rock Tumbling & the Lapidary Arts-Plus Some Free Advice

    Chapter 2: Setting up your Tumbling Corner and Tumbling Your First Batch of Rocks

    Chapter 3: Theory & Practice of Rotary Rock Tumbling

        A. Issues Preparatory to Rock Tumbling:
            1. The Sizing Process - Breaking Big Rocks into Tumbling Rocks
            2. The Loading Process - Barrel Filling, Consumables, Media & Water
            3. The Grading Process - Letting the Rocks Talk
            4. The Cleanup Process - Avoiding Contamination
            5. The Recording Process - The Importance of Keeping Track

        B. Understanding the 4-Stage Rock Tumbling Process:
            Stage 1: Rough Grind (Shaping) with 80-Mesh Silicon Carbide
            Stage 2: Medium Grind (Sanding) with 220-Mesh Silicon Carbide
            Stage 3: Fine Grind (Pre-Polish) with 600-Mesh Silicon Carbide
            Stage 4: The Polishing Stage

        C. The 5-Stage Rock Tumbling Process for Softer (or More  Valuable) Stones:
            Stage 1: Rough Grind (Shaping) with 80-Mesh Silicon Carbide
            Stage 2: Medium Grind (Sanding) with 220-Mesh Silicon Carbide
            Stage 3: Fine Grind with 600-Mesh Silicon Carbide
            Stage 4: Extra Fine Grind (Pre-Polish) with 1000-Mesh Silicon Carbide
            Stage 5: The Polishing Stage

        D. Burnishing

        E. Equipment Maintenance Issues

  Part 2: Rock Tumbling Properties, Materials, and Techniques

    Chapter 4: Fun Facts and Solutions
        A. Particle Size
        B. Rock Hardness
        C. Toughness
        D. Quantity of Abrasives and Polish to Use

    Chapter 5: The Materials We Use Inside the Barrel - Compounds and Media
        A. Silicon Carbide Compounds
        B. Polishing Compounds
        C. Ceramic Shaped Media
        D. Plastic Pellet Media
        E. Soap
        F. Burnishing Powders

    Chapter 6: Tumble-Polishing Specific Rocks + Hobbies
        A. Quartz, Agates & Jaspers
        B. Obsidian & Apache Tears
        C. Jade & Jadeite
        D. Banded Rhyolite (Wonderstone)
        E. Abalone Shells
        F. Colored Glass
        G. Candles
        H. Jewelry Making

    Chapter 7: Introduction to Vibratory Polishing

    Chapter 8: Getting the Slurry Right

    Chapter 9: Vibratory Cycle Times

    Chapter 7: Introduction to Vibratory Polishing


        Table 1 - Particle Size Chart
        Table 2 - Rock Hardness Chart
        Table 3 - Rock Toughness Chart
        Table 4 - Quantity of Abrasives & Polish to Use
        Do Rocks Really Have Secret Powers
        My Favorite Internet Places
        Glossary of Terms
        Attributes of a Rockhound
        Rock Tumbling Record
        Rock Tumbling Record Form