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Tumble-Bee TB-14 Rock Tumbler

TB-14 Tumble Bee tumbler


No Longer Available

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Tumble-Bee TB-14 Rock Tumbler

Supplied with a single 4-pound barrel.

Here are some important features of Tumble-Bee's TB-14:
  • Produces a great polish!
  • Has one 4-pound easy-to-open rubber barrel
  • Durable polyurethane drive belt
  • On/Off Switch
  • Rust-proof ABS plastic housing
  • Fan-cooled motor with overload protection
  • Motor, fan and belt are shielded moving parts
  • No-tools motor alignment screws
  • The 4-pound barrel processes about 3 pounds of rough
  • You can remove the 4-pound barrel and tumble one 2-pound barrel or two 2-pound barrels (extra barrels sold separately here)
Bargain Price: The folks who created the Tumble-Bee rock tumbler set out to design a feature-rich machine that could be sold at a bargain price. The TB-14 allows you to start tumbling with a 4-pound barrel on a hobbyist-quality machine at a minimum price.

Upgrade When You Are Ready: If you want to tumble smaller amounts of rock or run two different barrels, upgrading the TB-14 is easy. This machine will run two Tumble Bee 2-pound barrels at the same time. Or, you can run a single Tumble Bee 2-pound barrel if you have a small amount of rough to tumble. Additional barrels available separately here. Why buy two machines when you have this versatility?

Produces a Great Polish: We have been running a couple of Tumble-Bee rock tumblers with 2-pound and 4-pound barrels and find that they polish rocks just as well as other small hobbyist rotary tumblers.

Our Review: We think that the folks at Tumble-Bee did a great job of producing a hobbyist rock tumbler at a bargain price. We posted a review of the Tumble-Bee rock tumblers on our blog. In this review we compare them to other small hobbyist tumblers on the basis of: barrel capacity, noise level, required maintenance, ease of use and other quality measures. Please read the full review.

Rough rocks and other tumbling supplies sold separately.
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