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Mystery Mix Tumbling Rough

Mixed tumbling rough
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Mystery Mix

If you like colorful surprises in larger pieces of rough this five-pound bag is the tumbling mix that we recommend.

Every bag contains several different tumbling materials and a diversity of color! The photo is of a grab sample of this mix, photographed wet to show full color. You might find agates, jaspers, colored quartz, who knows what will turn up - but we do guarantee that you will find lots of colors.

Most of the pieces in this mixed tumbler rough will range in size from about 3/4" up to 2 1/2". Since these pieces are larger in size it would be a good idea to tumble them with some small size rough or ceramic media. These will deliver grit to all surfaces of the rocks.

Every bag is different - if you reorder you might receive entirely different materials!
Polished mystery mix
This is a photo of the stones that we polished from a box of our mystery mix. Our tumbling process consisted of running it in a rotary tumbler with course grit for one month. We then ran it in a Lot-O tumbler for two days in each of the following grits: medium, fine and polish. We are very pleased with the results and the variety that comes in the mystery mix.

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