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Welcome to Rock Tumbling Recipes!
Issue #7

Rock Tumbling Recipes is an email newsletter published a few times per year by In it we share information to help you enjoy tumbled stones and rock tumbling.

Tumbling Stream- and Beach-Rounded Rocks

Stream rounded rough
Tumbling Beach- or Stream-Rounded Rocks is not as Quick as You Might Think: Stones that have been rounded by nature are some of our favorite things to tumble. We can be fairly confident that they are free of weaknesses and fractures otherwise nature would have broken them. A lot of people, us included, think that "rounded by nature" stones are ready for fine grit or polish. However, they often need just as much time in coarse grit as crushed rough. Find out why!

NEW: Unakite Tumbling Rough

Uankite tumbling rough
Unakite Rock Tumbling Rough: Unakite is an interesting igneous rock composed mainly of pink and green mineral grains. There are very few rocks on the planet made up almost entirely of orangy-pink and yellowish-green minerals. Unakite is named after the Unaka mountains in western North Carolina and eastern Tennessee. The Mohs hardness of Unakite is 6 which allows it to shape and smooth more quickly than agate, jasper and other common materials. Limited quantities available.

Rock Tumbling Started Long Before Humans Existed

The history of rock tumbling
Read How Rock Tumbling Has Become What it is Today: The tumbling of stones began millions of years ago in streams and on shorelines across the planet. This natural process often didn't have what it took to get a nice polish on those rocks. That is when humans started to mimic the natural process and figure out how to put a bright polish on the stones. Now we have electric machines that can take rough angular rocks and turn them into brightly polished gemstones in weeks. A process that would take nature years to do.

Happy Tumbling!

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