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Welcome to Rock Tumbling Recipes!
Issue #8

Rock Tumbling Recipes is an email newsletter published a few times per year by In it we share information to help you enjoy tumbled stones and rock tumbling.

Back to Basics: Things You Need to Know

MP-1, A-R1, and A-R2 rock tumblers
Back To Basics: Knowing how your rock tumbler operates, how to do basic maintenance, and understanding common issues is a must for both beginners and for people who have been operating tumblers for years. To help you get the most out of your tumbler we have prepared "question and answers" pages for the Thumler's MP-1, Thumler's A-R1 and Thumler's A-R2. These answer the most common questions and give advice on how to properly use, maintain and operate these tumblers. Much of this information can also be applied to other tumblers.

Hard to Acquire Stones are Back in Stock

Polished stones
Popular Tumbled Stones: We have been sold out of these stones for quite some time and are happy to announce that we were able to finally get them back in stock. We are now offering, in limited quantities and sizes, Amazonite, Chrysocolla in Quartz and Tree Agate tumbled stones. Rainforest Rhyolite is available in all package sizes as we were able to obtain enough to offer them. However, that does not mean it won't be back on the sold out list quickly.

You Need More Rock, Gem and Mineral Information!

One of our greatest beliefs is... The more knowledge you have about the material you are tumbling, the better your results will be. As you may or may not know we also own and author the content on We have been writing about and photographing rocks, minerals and gemstones for that website since 2005. You will find a trove of information on those topics ranging from properties, to uses, to how it forms and often interesting facts about a common material that you probably did not know.

Happy Tumbling!

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Hobart King Hobart M. King: Hobart is the owner of and has authored much of the content on this website. He has a PhD in geology and is a GIA graduate gemologist. He also writes most of the content for