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Lot-O-Tumbler Parts

Rock tumbler parts
We sell replacement parts for the Calway Lot-O-Tumbler single and twin. Motors, fans, springs, barrels and barrel caps.
Lot O Tumbler springs

Lot-O-Tumbler Replacement Springs

Only $12.99
set of six springs

Replacement springs for the Lot-O-Tumbler are sold in sets of six. The Lot-O Single has six springs (four in the back and two in the front). The Lot-O Twin has twelve springs (eight in the back and four in the front). You will need two sets if you are going to replace all of the springs on a Twin.
Lot O Tumbler fans

Lot-O-Tumbler Motor Fans

Only $26.99 / pair
Replacement fans are sold in pairs and have the counterweights mounted within the fan. When you replace a pair of fans be sure that the counterweights are in matching positions on each side of the machine. These fans work on the Lot-O-Tumbler Single and Twin.
Lot O Tumbler barrel lid

Plastic Cap For the Lot-O-Tumbler Barrel

Only $4.99
This is the red cap that goes on top of the Lot-O-Tumbler barrels.
Lot-O-Tumbler 4lb vibratory barrel

Lot-O-Tumbler 4-Pound Barrel

Only $59.99
This is an extra barrel and cap for the Lot-o-Tumbler. It has a four-pound capacity and fits both the Lot-o-Tumbler Single and the Lot-o-Tumbler Twin.

Thumler's tumbler bearings

Lot-O-Tumbler Motor

Only $129.99
A replacement motor for the Lot-O-Tumbler Single or Twin. The motor fans that contain the counter weight are NOT included. This motor does not fit other tumblers.